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Marketing Referral Program

Beetek Solutions. Charity and Fund Raising.

One program that provides for many 

You can make money and make a difference by being a Referral Agent!

There is no experience required…and there is no commitment. We are seeking Referral Agents to help find businesses in need of digital marketing and you will be paid 13% commission on all referrals that convert into sales.  

Each year, Beetek Solutions will donate 5% of profits from the program to help people that are less fortunate, starving, need medication, suffer from abuse, etc. We will also donate money to help animals, especially pets.

From Africa to the Caribbean’s, Middle East, Ukraine, USA, Canada and worldwide. Our compassion knows no boundaries.


Talk to people about the Referral Program and Beetek Solutions services, and perhaps you will know people who need Website Design, Graphic Design or need marketing to help attract more people to their business. If you find people like this please have them contact us. And when they contact Beetek Solutions for service, this is known as a “Referral”.

It is also important that Beetek Solutions knows who sent us the referral. The person who sends us the referral is the “Referral Agent” and that person will be paid if Beetek Solutions makes a profit from the “Referral”.

No experience is necessary to be a Referral Agent but to be successful a basic understanding of digtital marketing plus a positive, enthusiastic and friendly personality is required.

Beetek Solutions. Digital Marketing

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How to Register

To be a successful Referral Agent, it certainly helps to know about Beetek Solutions. We highly recommend that you research our website to familiarize yourself with who we are and the services we provide. Also, take every opportunity to promote the charitable aspect of the Referral Program. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the owner of your favourite coffee shop. Do social media posts about the Referral Program. Tell people, especially business owners about the program and spread the good word. This is what “Promote” means.  

When you do have a referral, kindly email or call us and provide the CONTACT NAME, BUSINESS NAME, PHONE NUMBER and\or EMAIL ADDRESS, or have the person that might be interested in Beetek Solutions services contact us.  

Payments will be sent within 7 days of the processed sale via INTERAC e-Transfer to Agents with a Canadian bank account or through other digital resources for Agents outside of Canada.  

Please be mindful that being a Referral Agent comes with no commitment. There is no contract, you are not an employee and there are no benefits associated with full or part-time employment, and you can stop at any time. 

To register, please fill out all fields in the form below and subject line “I WANT TO BE A REFERRAL AGENT”. In your message, please tell us a little bit about yourself, i.e.: why you want to be a Referral Agent and what you’re currently doing for a living. Click the SUBMIT button.  

By submitting your registration, the registrant agrees to all noted details. We will respond asap with confirmation.


If you’re not ready to register but have questions, please fill out the form below and include your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and subject line “GENERAL INQUIRY”. In your message let us know how we can help you, then click the SUBMIT button. We will respond asap.

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